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Our mission is to streamline and enhance resource planning for service and installation departments, handling worldwide, multi-day, project-based operations in the industry sector. We specialize in developing and maintaining field service management software that provides a comprehensive, workflow-based solution from initial order to completion. We prioritize user-friendly interfaces accessible to both non-technical users and digital natives.

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Christopher Rix
Head of Product
Christian Marbaise
Sales Manager
Hajo Noerenberg
Dir., Head of Sales

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The company behind fieldux

The Bauer + Kirch team has been crafting top-notch specialized software for over 35 years.

Our team brings together a unique blend of experience and expertise, spanning from the C64 generation to digital natives, technicians to creatives, seasoned professionals to fresh talents. This unique combination guarantees top-notch quality, timely delivery, and budget adherence.

While each of us has our own unique approach, we're united in our pursuit of a common goal: crafting innovative solutions for intricate digital concepts and specialized software.


Are you eager to join our team and play a role in shaping the future of Bauer + Kirch and fieldux? We're seeking new team members to collaborate on crafting cutting-edge software solutions for our clients.

And yes, we also offer apprenticeships!

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The customer support team is always ready to assist and welcomes our practical insights for the ongoing enhancement of fieldux. With this collaborative approach, I can be sure that I'll play an active role in shaping future features.

Timo Thomes
Head of Spare Parts

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