For schedulers in mechanical and plant engineering who plan operations lasting from one day to several months.

Scheduling of Employees, Vehicles and Tools for Service and Installation Orders

Multi-dimensional planning offers a comprehensive overview and assists you in finding available and suitable resources, considering the specific requirements of each operation

Optimize your planning process with fieldux

Begin by initially planning operations provisionaly without assigning personnel, tools, or vehicles. Once you received an order, fieldux assists you in selecting the most fitting employees and additional resources needed using the resource editor.

Popular features

Simplify your workforce scheduling by differentiating between provisional and fixed orders. With one click, provisional orders can be later be converted into fixed orders.

Define and monitor qualifications and requirements for all resources to ensure readiness at all times. This is how to stay on top of visas, certificates, deadlines, etc.

The editor provides intelligent support in resolving conflicts, promptly identify cascade conflicts, and effortlessly planning available capacities like never before.

Centralize all information and provide digital, real-time access to your sales team from anywhere.

Stay informed about every update and comment on an order and communicate conveniently using the chat function.

fieldux keeps track of your assets' and systems' history. With just a click, you can easily access information about past jobs and their unique details.

The entire process of preparing and managing operations in the fieldux software is designed for easy input and maintenance. This support for personnel scheduling and operation planning is extremely valuable.

Andreas Gans
Head of Technical Support

Customer questions

Absolutely, fieldux offers you the flexibility to incorporate external service providers into your planning. You can either schedule specific employees from a service provider by name or simply indicate the number of external employees needed from the specified service provider.

Yes, fieldux allows multiple individuals to collaborate on project planning simultaneously, tracking their colleagues' changes in real-time. Say goodbye to different versions and planning stages (as you may have experienced with Excel), along with the associated risks.

To utilize fieldux across various departments or locations, the Professional version offers feature to map a structured and adaptable company organization. This allows you to segment your company into different departments and locations. For instance, you can establish a "Headquarters" location and then delineate various departments like service, installation, engineering, and IT within this location.

Resources are then assigned to these locations and departments, creating a well-defined structure. You can then use the roles and permissions framework to allocate specific location or department-specific roles to employees from your scheduling department.

The permissions of employees in a manager role can be customized to suit your needs. Typically, a manager can view the availability of their team members and schedule them. Additionally, you may wish to grant your service manager the authority to oversee employees across all locations and departments to ensure comprehensive resource management.

fieldux provides the flexibility to tailor transparency and control according to your requirements. This organizational structure fosters collaboration between departments and enhances the efficient utilization of resources.

For the fieldux Planner, you'll need a current version of a popular web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. A stable internet connection is necessary for accessing the web application and data transfer. We recommend a screen resolution of at least 1280x800 pixels for the best display experience.

For fieldux Mobile, the technician app, technicians use either an Apple or Android device on-site. Android devices require Android version 13 or higher, while iOS devices need at least iOS 16. These requirements ensure smooth and secure operation of our application on your devices, allowing us to integrate the latest security updates and features. While we aim for compatibility with older operating systems, full functionality cannot be guaranteed.

Additionally, a screen size of at least 4.7 inches is required. This size ensures a user-friendly interface and easy operability of the touch display, enabling clear display of relevant information and easy navigation within the application.