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Field Service Management Software Designed for Industry

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A new take on Field Service Management

fieldux is FSM for a new generation

You plan field service assignments for your customers all over the world, sometimes lasting months. You coordinate entire teams, special tools, vehicles and other resources. You need to immediately recognise and avoid potential conflicts and cascade conflicts in your planning. Other FSM solutions reach their limits here. fieldux closes precisely this gap in scheduling. With our software, you can choose to focus on tasks or employee schedules, effortlessly optimizing task distribution and managing your workforce. A valuable bonus: Your technicians and field staff on site use the mobile app as a knowledge base and to document their work, thus supporting controlling and invoicing.

fieldux is developed WITH the industry FOR the industry

Many service managers, site supervisors and schedulers are involved in developing fieldux. Every step, every new function is evaluated and tested by practitioners. Their insights have been and continue to be instrumental. Do you have any questions for the practitioners? We will be happy to put you in touch.

For mechanical & plant engineering
For service and new installations
From one-day assignments to projects lasting several months
For national and international projects
Scheduling of personnel, tools & vehicles
fieldux- effortless planning

fieldux - replacing paperwork and Excel

Digitize your field service

We know exactly what your current problems are:

You plan your resources via Outlook or complicated and confusing Excel spreadsheets.

Your service technicians and field staff complain to customers about missing information and tedious, paper-based documentation.

You constantly have to adjust your schedules and lose your overview of the available resources.

You are not made aware of impending cascade conflicts.

You waste your valuable time transferring handwritten timesheets to your ERP system. Mistakes are bound to happen.

You are missing meaningful asset histories about previous assignments.

fieldux integriert mit APplus
fieldux integriert mit AMS ERP
fieldux integriert mit Sage 100
fieldux integriert mit ProAlpha
fieldux integriert mit MS Dynamics 365
fieldux integriert mit SAP

Pooling expertise: fieldux seamlessly integrates with your software

Mechanical & plant engineering is too complex for an all-in-one solution

Your new FSM solution fieldux integrates seamlessly with your software ecosystme. We at Bauer + Kirch are the company behind fieldux and have more than 35 years of experience in customized software development. Our interdisciplinary teams expertly use interfaces to connect fieldux to different systems. We know the challenges and how to tackle them successfully. Fromt the outset, we've been designing fieldux as an open system enabling a smooth end-to-end connection via various methods, e.g. via REST APIs.

At Dynapac, we manufacture machines for road construction. We supported the development of fieldux from the initial idea through to implementation. The result is a system that manages the entire order planning and scheduling while saving us a lot of paper.

Markus Köpke
Head of Customer Service (DACH)

Unsere Partner


Customer questions

fieldux is characterised by its steadfast commitment to its carefully selected target audience, from conception to the actual software development. This is evident in the results.

We focus exclusively on the needs of the international mechanical and plant engineering sector. Together with ten pilot customers from this industry, we held a series of strategic workshops discussing common challenges and analysing their causes and effects before starting the development process. We then worked closely with our pilot customers to develop tailor-made detailed solutions.

By developing realistic personas and user stories and using regular feedback loops, we were able to continuously refine our ideas and ultimately arrive at our current solution. In doing so, we relied on the Lean method, always with a clear focus on our users' needs.

In contrast to other solutions, fieldux's expertise lies in the management of regional and international service and installation operations lasting several days to several months, which require a variety of resource types, from entire work teams to tools and vehicles. fieldux enables you to choose freely between operation-and resource-based planning.

The name fieldux contains two key elements. field stands for the consistent focus of our software on supporting your field service. ux represents our dedication to providing an exceptional user experience in our FSM solution. fieldux's user-centred interface was and continues to be developed not only for, but also with service managers and service technicians.

Our standard offering does not include an on-premises hosting option for our software. Instead, we prioritize delivering a robust and secure cloud infrastructure, ensuring continuous updates, advanced security measures, and seamless integration with other cloud-based services.

Our cloud-based infrastructure also allows us to respond swiftly to technical support issues and deliver regular updates, ensuring you have prompt access to the latest features and security enhancements.

We understand that data protection and security are top priorities for many businesses. That's why we've implemented rigorous security measures to safeguard your data. Our servers are hosted in highly secure data centers that adhere to EU security standards and regulations.

If the demand for an on-premises option grows in the future, we will reevaluate our choice. We're also open to tailored solutions. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the optimal solution, and we value your feedback greatly.

Yes, the technical integration with your existing CRM/ERP system is certainly possible.

Christian Marbaise
Sales & Business Development Manager

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